Build a paying subscriber base for your repository.

Get recurring or once-off payments from the people using your code. Designed for developers using Github and Stripe or PayPal.

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Powerful Features for Developers

Stripe & PayPal Billing
You can automatically & securely bill users using your own Stripe, PayPal account or both. You are in full control of your transactions.
Read-Only Deploy Keys
We issue your users with read-only deploy keys, giving you peace of mind that no one will be writing to your codebase.
Downloadable Mailing List
You can build a mailing list of your loyal supporters and keep in touch with them outside of our platform.
Public & Private Github Repos
We support businesses that want to keep their repositories private & open source developers that have public repositories.
Embeds & Repository Pages
Embeddable widgets & pills make it easy for you to sell on your own site. Repository pages make it easy to sell on ours.
Release Based
We provide your users with only the releases that you want them to see. You tag them and we make them available to your users.
Zip Downloads
Users will get access to zip downloads of your repository. You can sell any digital asset like music, books, compiled apps and more.
Recurring & Once-off payments
You can bill your customers for access to your repository on a monthly, yearly or once-off basis.
Monitor your sales, manage your customers and administrate your listed repositories from one central location.
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Perfect for Commercial &
Open Source Projects.

Whether you're building a business selling code to customers or building a support base for your open source project, Gitstore provides everything you need, free.

Sell your code directly from your repo readme or favourite package manager

Use Gitstore badge embeds to launch customers directly into a sales process from NPM, Github or any other popular package manager.

Embed the entire checkout process into your website or blog.

Got a swanky site for your project? Embed a Gitstore checkout process and let your customers complete the checkout process from there.

coming soon

Give customers a single prompt to purchase and install from the command line.

Gitstore's CLI tools do all the hard work for your customers by handling the entire checkout, installation and setup process from a single prompt.