/// FEATURES ///

The easiest, most secure way to sell your code as a service.

Create an online store for your public and private repositories in just minutes.

  • Sign up with Github and set up your store for free.

  • Add your Stripe account details to start accepting payments.

  • Create subscription, purchase or donation plans for your repos.

  • Offer multiple plans for each repo - single payment, annually and monthly subscription options.

  • Pick a Gitstore account plan based on your needs. Getting started is free.

Sell your code from your site or anywhere else it lives online.

  • Grab your Gitstore badge embed to start selling your code from Github, NPM or other popular package managers

  • Sell your code directly from your website with an embeddable checkout and download process

  • Automate the checkout download, installation and setup process with a single command line prompt with our CLI tool

Focus on Shipping. Gitstore manages your payments, invoicing and storefront.

  • Simply Tag releases in Github to make your code available to your paying customers or subscribers.

  • When a customer stops paying, they stop receiving updates at the end of their current billing cycle, but have access to versions they paid for.

  • Access your latest customer and sales data and export it to your tools of choice from your dashboard.