Selling your bits

There are only two difficult things in startups: Pricing, and everything else. We've tried to make things as simple, transparent with the way we charge our customers. Here's how we're doing that, for now.

Let’s talk about where the money on Gitstore goes.

Before we get into details, I need to mention that we’re still trying to figure this out. Specific amounts I mention may change, as we discover what maintainers like and want.  

How we make money

The only way Gitstore makes money is via monthly maker subscriptions.

  • We don’t have ads
  • We don’t collect lots of data, so there’s no incentive for us to sell it
  • We don’t touch any of the subscription or once-off payments that are made to you

Those subscriptions come in different tiers, not limited to features but soft-capped to the number of current subscribers a maker has.

We think it’s a bad experience to limit which features makers have access to (based on how much they pay us per month), so everyone has the same feature-set. We also think it would suck for a customer to land on your profile and be unable to buy because you’ve hit some hard-cap.

So, instead, we’ve decided on some limits per tier:

  • 100 subscribers for $9pm
  • 500 subscribers for $25pm
  • 1500 subscribers for $45pm

We will allow more subscribers, if you have ’em; but we’ll need to have a conversation about how we manage that.  

The minimum amount you can charge a subscriber, per month, is $1, and you can upgrade your account at any time. If you reach the soft-cap, we’ll have a conversation with you about what the next steps are.

How you make money

Stripe charges a small fee for processing transactions. Their current pricing is 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. That means, for every $1 you’re making, you pay them 33¢.

If you're charging your subscribers $1 each, and you're paying us $45pm; you're paying Stripe $82.25pm. Up that to $10 per subscriber and you're still only paying us $45pm, but now you're paying Stripe $147.40pm. You're also making $2,500pm, so it's probably worth it.  

We want to make things as simple for you as possible. We don't touch any of the money people pay you. We don't even know anything about them. All we see is how many people subscribe to your code, so we can figure out how much to charge you.

We have tools for you to embed customisable payment forms into your site, so people can buy from you without ever coming to Gitstore. You host your code on Github, manage your subscribers through Stripe. Simple.

We do have opt-in arrangements to provide Stripe access to makers who can't get Stripe accounts, in which we pay 100% of the money they've made into a PayPal account.