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LightMVC Framework InstantAPI Module

Instant API module for automatic building of an API based on backend Doctrine domain modeling!


  1. Copy and paste (merge and replace) all of the module's files to the root directory of your LightMVC Skeleton Application installation,
  2. Add the PSR-4 namespaces found in the 'instantapi_composer.json' file to the main 'composer.json' file of the Skeleton Application installation,
  3. Run composer update,
  4. Add the line require 'instantapi.config.php'; at the end of the 'config/config.local.php' file.

Once done, the InstantAPI module will be working. By default, the main routes are '/api/v1/{endpoint}' and '/api/v1/{endpoint}/{id:[\d]+}'.

Have a lot of fun! :)

Made by Jason, Chris and Shawn

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